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Adelaide Hills Organics face and body care range has been lovingly developed by mother of four and business woman, Melinda Harper, who is living proof of the benefits a natural and organic lifestyle can bring.

For over 20 years Melinda suffered the debilitating effects of undiagnosed coeliac disease. Malnourished and anaemic, an appointment with Swiss naturopath Ursula Notari changed her life for the better. Melinda was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, and thanks to naturopathic guidance, returned to 100% health.The process ignited a passion to start a lifestyle for her family using natural and organic foods and personal care products.

However, the alarming realisation was that many, if not most leading brands purporting to offer ‘natural’ products were in fact marketing nothing more than dubious mixtures of toxic substances, some even carcinogenic. This led, in 2006, to Melinda and Rick, together with Gino and Ursula, naturopath Paul Kern and highly experienced aromatherapist Melanie Gabell, joining forces to create a Company dedicated to creating a unique range of toxin free face and personal care products named Swiss Wellness skincare. As demand for the skin care range grew, the Swiss Wellness Natural Health & Beauty Spa opened to provide clients with a place to relax, de-stress, detox and rejuvenate body and spirit, using the unique SwissWellness products. To this day, the Spa continues to operate, having earned a reputation as one of the leading day spas in Australia.

Fast forward to 2024 and we have decided to launch Adelaide Hills Organics to bring our unique products to a wider Australian and international marketplace. The same uncompromising philosophy remains : Our products contain only the finest natural and organic ingredients, combined synergistically for maximum benefit and enjoyment.

Adelaide Hills Organics is also a homage to our home since 1995, the sublimely beautiful  Adelaide Hills, and the charming, vibrant lifestyle on offer for locals and visitors alike.


We are passionate about improving wellbeing and appearance naturally, and caring for the environment so that everyone can enjoy a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Our desire is to inspire people to nurture their bodies. By enhancing our clients’ health and wellbeing, we hope to empower them to live happy and fulfilling lives!